Bike in Tokyo for free – 25 things to do in Tokyo for free


Time Out for nowt in Japan’s costly capital

Get peddling…
Rent-a-bike companies abound in Tokyo, but there’s one spot that does them absolutely free, and it’s in a charming locale, too. The Palace Cycling Course runs along Uchibori-dori, the street running from the north of Hibiya Park to the northern moat skirting the Imperial Palace. 250 bikes are farmed out on Sundays on a first-come, first-served basis. Take your pick from regular rides, kids’ bikes, tandems and baby trikes. Once you’ve secured a suitable vehicle, it’s yours until 3pm. Palace Cycling Course. Sun, 10am-3pm; closed on rainy days and during special park events. Bikes are available from beside the Kokyo-mae Koban (police box), next to exit 2 of Nijubashi-Mae Station (Chiyoda line)